I decided to post a little preview of my closet, right now fulled of amazing stuff from Amrerica! Well, maybe I will have a new closet, maybe I will have some special wardrobe for it. I do not know yet, but if you have some inspiration, I would like to see it!
I haven´t done anything special this weekend. I wasn´t in school for one week, so I had to write lots of notes from the lessons I missed and today? I spent today with my lovely subject - maths! We are not friends and tomorrow we´re about to write a big test, and I must get a good mark!
I am really looking forwards to holiday ( yes, this is my 4th day in school after our vacation and I miss it sooo badly ). In April maybe we´ll go to Dubai. I liked it there and I hope we´ll go there, because there is cheap Topshop, lots of place to shop at, sun, beaches, hot and you know. Also I am looking forwards to my orded Rocco bag by Alexander Wang!!
My dad finally decided to get me an iPhone. I want it in white and I can´t wait for it!