wearing H & M chemise / Zara leggins for winter / Chanel bag and necklage / Topshop zip side booties

I was so happy about the camera so I had to try it! And here is my first good quality post! What do you think about it?
Like in 8 hours I am going off to Florida so I am in the middle of the "what should I take with-thing" and I don´t really know, because I will buy lots of clothes there, I guess! If yes, maybe I will do a haul-video! What do you say? Because I´ve been to Florida in this time 2 years ago and it was like all I got for X-mas was clothes that I wanted. This time we´ll stay in a house in Bradenton for 2 weeks, than we will go to Miami and Tampa. 

So I am really looking forwards to our rent house there.