H&M fur vest / H&M black jeggins / Topshop zip side booties / MAC eyeshadows / H&M stone ring / Louis Vuitton purse
Chanel nail polish, dark red / Elle magazines / Eiffel tower
My closet in Florida

Lots of love from Florida! We arrive today to the sun country and I am so happy about it! I am feeling a little bit tired, because I haven´t slept much in the plane, but it will be alright. 
I am so exited about this trip, because we will shop, shop a lot!! Tomorrow we are going to go to the Outlet in Bradenton, so I am curious what I will get. We will go to Tampa and Orlando as well, which means, that I have to go to Forever 21, Steve Madden, Urban Outfitters or American Apparel and of course Nars, Mac and Victoria´s Secret!!!
I need lots of new stuff, because here is the fashion cheaper and you have better choose!