Victoria´s Secret pink leoparded shorts
Victoria´s Secret leoparded + lace bras
Tardy platform booties from Urban Outfitters
Black sweater and moccasines also from Urban Outfitters
Forever 21 black jacket with chains
from left: Forever 21 black jacket with chains, black moccasines from Urban Outfitters, black tardy platform booties from Urban Outfitters, velvet dress from Forever 21, Urban Outfitters black sweater, black dress from Forever 21 and two bras bought at Victoria´s Secret

Yesterday we have been to Plaza in Tampa. It wasn´t outlet, but I found there lots of amazing stuff!! Anyway the prices were so much cheaper than in my mothercountry. All the stuff is from 3 stores - Forever 21, Victoria´s Secret and Urban Outfitters. I really love these brands and I´ve never been to Urban outfitters before, but it is my new fav!! I picked there so much stuff!! First I got 2 bras and sleep shorts from Victoria´s Secret. I think that Vicoria´s Secret is the best underwear brand. It is not just pretty, but comfortable as well!! :) Then I´ve been to Forever 21 store, or Forever XXI store how it was called in Plaza. I picked there a black jacket with chains. I love it, because it reminds me a little bit Chanel and Alexa Chung´s style. It looks amazing. I got 2 dresses as well, because I love dresses. The red ones looks good only with belts and that´s why I had to buy 2 black belts. I bought a black cardigan, because it is classy and I wear them a lot. Last pieces I have from Urban Outfitters. The store is soooo amazing abd I can´t wait for next visit in Miami!! I got a black sweater, it looks so perfect! I have new black moccasines. I really wanted a pair of moccasines and these fit well! The last thing I got is a pair of tardy platform boots. I reall wanted Jeffrey Campbell´s Litas, but I tried them and I felt like a skyscraper, because I am 172 cm high and with them I have like 185 cm and that´s simply too much! I was really upset about it, because I wanted them to death, but I found these and I can say I love them more. They are not so high and they´re comfortable. :)

I wish you the best Christmas holiday.