Hello loves!

Today I am making a post of that, what I really want to get! That´s why I am selling some pieces of my closet HERE
#01 - Nude sweater is my fav for spring! I really like this one, it´s from Topshop and this one looks very soft and pretty, so maybe I´ll purchase it online! I am really looking forwards spring, because I´ll wear lots of sweaters like this one!
# 02 - I fell in love with the Alexander McQueen´s skull scarf! I think, it´s a nice acessory not only for spring, but I´d wear it with my leather jacket! I really want this scarf and I´ll probably get it in April.
# 03 - Another must-have for spring season are these flats with metalic tip! I am into these, they´re from H&M and they are not really expensive, so I am about to buy it!
# 04 - And fashion piece I want the longest time?? This Moschino belt!! I really love how it looks like on dress and shorts, I really do! I want to buy it on my vacation in Dubai in April! So, let´s see if I get it or not!
# 05 - Thing I wanted to buy in the USA, but I was not really sure about , was this lovely NAKED by NARS Palette 2 of eyeshadows! I am so mad at myself, because I should buy it, it´s the best! Anyway I hope I´ll get it in Dubai, because they don´t sell it in our Sephora stores and that really sucks!
# 06 - Not only crosses on tees are hot, they are hot on necklages as well! I really love this one! I hope I´ll get some like this one, it´s so nice!
# 07 - I am a huge fan of Chanel and I will get another bag from Chanel, but in last days I fell in deeply love with Hermes bag called Birkin bag! I want this brown one, because honestly? I do not have any simple brown bag like this one and I need it sooo badly!
# 08 & # 09 - The last cosmetics things I want are YSL lipstick and Butter London nail polish. Where in Dubai too! 
Well, I can see that a lot of stuff I will get in Dubai, because they don´t sell it here in Czech Republic or Germany and if they do, the price is so many times higher than in the Emirates! So, I will shop there a lot!
I am really looking forwards!