Apple iPhone and Chanel nail polish

Hello loves!

You can not even imagine how glad I am that it is thursday already! I am sooo tired of my school life, so I am really looking forwards to this weekend! Why? Because I am going to go to the best party ever with my friend! I really hope it will be alright and without troubles, because I have been waiting for this moment since summer!

Anyway, I have some news! I decided to go to London with my school and I am really looking forwards, because we ( me + the girl I will be in the family with ) will shop a lot there, because there are so many cheap stores ( in compare to czech prices ), like Topshop or Primark!! So, it will be legendary!

In April I am definitely going to go to Dubai! I really need to buy a lot of stuff there, like Hermes Birkin bag, Steve Madden studded loafers or NARS Naked Palette 2! Also, their Topshop is cheaper than our in Prague, so that is another reason why I need to go there!

The exams are already over ... So, survive next week and then weekend with my classmates!