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Given factors like the stress of the journey, the celebratory mood you’re in while on holiday, and the memory of smoking during past trips, means traveling can be a catalyst for ex-smokers to pick up their cigarette habit. Additionally, you may even imagine that some scenarios might feel a little bit better if you had just one last smoke. For instance, if you’re staying at a luxurious accommodation like the Sofitel Legend Amsterdam Grand Hotel, then you may be tempted to light a cigarette at the Cigar Lounge, or while enjoying a drink at the Flying Dutchman bar.

If you were a smoker, be mindful of these toughts and feelings as they can creep up and potentially cause a relapse. Yet another thing you need to take into account is that there are different laws around the world that enforce strict anti-tobacco regulations in public spaces. In fact, an article published by Oxford Journals shares that several European countries, including Spain and Romania, prohibit cigarette use in restaurants, nightclubs, and bars.

So all that considered, it’s important to prevent yourself from relapsing and employ tactics that can allow you to stay smoke-free during your travels. Below are a few that can help.


Many countries implement stringent smoking bans in public transport. For instance, a 2023 NWS Health feature on Australia explains that the country prohibits both tobacco products and e-cigarettes at bus stops, ferry wharves, light rail stations, and taxi ranks. Luckily, nicotine gum is small and can fit in your pocket—making it easier to bring to different public transport stops and stations. Brands like Nicorette Gum and Kirkland Signature Quit are among the most popular choices. These offerings also come in various strengths, so you can simply opt for one that closely corresponds to your daily cigarette intake. Of course, to use nicotine gums safely, avoid chewing the item as it can lead to jaw soreness. On the other hand, remember to avoid swallowing the gum as it may cause hiccups or stomach discomfort. By adhering to these measures, you can effectively utilize nicotine gum while making a stop at every historical landmark or nature spot on your travel itinerary.


Several travel destinations in Asia have a significant nicotine pouch presence. For example, a 2022 BioMed Central report shares that the sale of this product has grown substantially in places like Indonesia. Commonly, pouches are placed under the upper lip for a kick of nicotine. As ZYN nicotine pouches showcase, high-tech distillation procedures are used in creating the product to offer users quality nicotine. Because they’re tobacco-free, you can also avoid teeth stains while enjoying dinner with new friends. Of course, to use the product responsibly, note that mouth soreness is a side effect of ZYN pouches. Don’t be alarmed, as this usually comes in the form of a slight tingling sensation and is more common among those who aren’t familiar with oral nicotine products. You can also opt for less intense yet equally pleasurable flavors like cinnamon or citrus. That being said, if you’re hiking up a mountain, taking a tour, or enjoying a resort, nicotine pouches can deliver a nicotine buzz that will stop you from picking up a cigarette.


Besides nicotine replacement products, other ways to stay away from smoking include eating healthy snacks while traveling. That said, as shared by an article on junk foods by Drug Alcohol Depend, keep in mind that tobacco withdrawal can cause you to reach for foods that are high in sugar and salt—such as cake and chips. It’s best to avoid these treats and instead try some crunchy vegetables, like carrots or celery, which have lots of fiber, vitamins, and minerals. They can satisfy an oral fixation, as well as take away your hunger. If your travel plans include European cities with a rich culinary scene—like Athens, Paris, or Rome—this is also a great excuse to indulge in delectable yet nutritious salads and soups.


Perhaps the most straightforward way to stay smoke-free during your vacation is to drink lots of water. According to a 2023 HelpGuide write-up on smoking, staying hydrated will not only help cigarette cravings pass, it can likewise lessen the symptoms of tobacco withdrawal. Apart from that, if you’re traveling in tropical countries that experience hot weather such as Hawaii or Mexico, then upping your water intake helps keep you energized and refreshed when touring numerous beaches or hiking trails.

Traveling can be enjoyable even without smoking. Try any of the alternatives mentioned above and stay smoke-free during your vacation.


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