Monday, December 26, 2011

after-christmas sale

Juicy Couture bracelet in gold
Juicy Couture sailor sweater-dress & pink cardigan with bows
Levis shorts
Mac eye shadow palette

Today is 26th, December and this is the day, when the stores make the biggest after X-mas sales! That´s why we decided to go to the outlet, where I found lots of amazing stuff ( not only what is here on pictures ). As first I went to Juicy Couture. I´ve never been to that store and I just fell in love! I found there so amazing pink cardigan with little bows ( normal price: 100, I got it for 40 ) and I already love it! Then I bought there a striped sweater-dress ( normal price 138, I got it for 50 ) and golden bracelet ( usually 50, I have it for 30). Another fashion piece I didn´t take picture of is a black down jacket ( from 400 to 100 ). I really don´t like these jackets, but this one is amazing and is the only one, that I ever liked. Plus it is warm, so it´s perfect for cold january days!! In Levis store I´ve bought denim shorts. I wear them a lot, but I never had better quality ones, I just had from H&M or Forever 21. These were only 19 bucks and I think, that not only the price is cool! We´ve been to Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein as well, and I´ve picked there two basic tees in red and grey, one black cardigan and black shirt with glitters. Last place I´ve been to is a store, where they sell lots of amazing brands, like Clonique, Bobbi Brown or MAC. I love MAC, so I bought there this palette of eye shadows. I really love smoky eyes, so that´s why the colours! And the price of it was a little bit lower than in a normal MAC store.
Tomorrow we´re about to go to Orlando, because we want to go to the Sea World, Universal studios and Adventure Island! I am looking forwards and we will go shopping to the Orlando outlet as well! :)



  1. omg I love the juicy couture jewellery!! Love it! Ive always wanted something from juicy couture. Oh and i love the brand tommy hilfiger :) xx

  2. Thank you! ♥ I love Juicy Couture as well and Tommy Hilfiger is nice!



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