wearing Forever 21 black jacket with chains / Chanel necklage / Marshalls brown tee / Forever 21 shorts / Louis Vuitton bag

Today is 25th, December, which means all the stores are closed. So we decided go to the beach. I am not exactly happy about that, because the watter there is cold and it is kinda boring there, but what can I do. At least tomorrow we´re about to go to the Outlet Mall again, because tomorrow are the biggest sales! So I am really looking forwards to new finds :)
In couple of days we will go in Orlando, because we would love to go in Sea World ( because I am hooked with water animals like manatees or belugas! ), to the Universal Studios and NASA. 
Then from 1st, January till 5th, January we will go to Miami. I am pretty excited about it, because there are lots of amazing places to shop at!!! For example this big outlet mall including Forever 21 or American Apparel! And of course I have to go in Urban Outfitters!!!

And what did you get under the X-mas tree, my loves? I hope you will have lovely time!!