Hello my loveliest fashiondolls!

The year 2011 is over and 2012 is here. The 2011 year was year fulled of changes. There were some good, some better and some worst days, but you have been here for me all year and I wanna thank you for that, because I love you all with my whole fuckin´ heart! I really do! My blog also became 100 fol(lovers), who leave me the loveliest comments ever and sometimes you, my fashiondolls, are the reason why I still breathe!
I wanna wish you the happiest year 2012 and I hope your wishes will come true! All of them! If you have pretend to be someone else, it is wrong. Promise me, that you will be who you really are, and that you will not change for someone, because it is sooo silly. Change only if you want to! :) Be who you are, wear what you really want to wear, do what you wanna do and follow your dreams, because it is the only fucking way how to make them real!! Wish you the best!