Saturday, December 31, 2011

wishes and loafers

1. Apple iPhone S4 in white
2. Marc by Marc Jacobs iPhone case ( here to buy )
3. UGG classic in brown
4. Classical black skirt in A-shape ( this on from here )
5. NARS eye shadows palette ( find more here )
6. Alexander Wang looking like bag Rocha ( buy here )

Black loafers bought at Urban Outfitters

I have decided to post a wishlist of that, what I would love to get here in US or back in my cold mothercountry! As first my dad promised me an iPhone S4. I got my blackberry couple months ago, but my mom lost her phone. That´s why she decided to get my Blackberry Bold and I will get an iPhone. And for my new iPhone I need an iPhone case! I love the ones from Marc Jacobs! The one I love the most is the one I am showing on the picture, but I would like to have in white, not in black! Another thing I am thinking about to get are there lovely UGG boots! Here in US they are appromixately 140 USD, but in Czech Republic they are like 230 USD, so I think it is useful to buy it here. But I am no sure about them. But what I am 100 percentage sure is this black skirt in A-shape! I have only really tight ones, but when you walk they rush up and you have to make it down every second step. That´s why I picked this lovely from Topshop. I really like this one and I really hope I´ll get it! Another thing I really want is a NARS palette fulled of eyeshadows. I really like NARS. But I have bought my MAC palette already, so I don´t know if it is necessary to get another one. And the last find I have to have is Alexander Wang looking like bag. I want this bag soooooo much. I want it like 4 months, but I wasn´t able to order it per internet yet, because I was hoping my aunt will ask, what I want to get under X-mas tree, but she didn´t. ( wohooo, another pair of fucking socks, I won´t wear and perfume I won´t like ). So I have to order it myself! :(

On the second picture there are my brand new loafers! I am totally in love with them! I wanted them for a really long time and finally I found the perfect pair!

Tomorrow we leave Bradenton and we´re about to move in Miami! I am really looking forwards there, because there is the biggest outlet store ever! ( It´s called Sawgrass Mills Mall if you wanna check on the internet ). 



  1. Love the iphone case and wowowow those loafers are fantastic - fab!!

  2. I love the case as well!! And I wanted it for the longest time, so I hope I´ll get it, but the shipping to Europe is too much! :( So I gotta buy it here in US! I love the loafers as well, you can wear it to everything and it looks fabulous!



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