Wednesday, January 4, 2012

at victorias secret store

I did not make a post for a long time, but finally I took some photos for you!
I have been to Miami. We were there in Hard Rock Café and some shops, including MAC, American Apparel or Victoria´s Secret. My days are really fulled of activities, not only shopping, but also the cities and beaches and relaxing*
I really wanted to find Marc by Marc Jacobs iPhone cover, I have been to Bloomingdales and Nordstrom, and ... and ...  and ... but I found only for 3G :( I hope I will find one! 

Yesterday happend something that I will remember. I went to Paul´s, yes, my fav macaroon restaurant. There was a man with his niece and he asked me about my stoned ring. He wanted to know where I got it because his niece fell in love with my ring. I told him at H&M. Then my mom and I got in the line and we stand behind the man. We started to talk. He loved Czech Republic very much, because his grandma lived in a small city there. He bought me macaroons. I do not know why, but I think it was pretty from him, it is such a small thing, but it make your day so much better!

Tomorrow we want to go to the Key West and maybe we will make some shop-stops, but I do not know yet. ( But I really need to go to the MAC or NARS store! ) Anyway here is not that much hot as I expected and the fact, that today I wore my brand new Nine West boots, it´s killing me!



  1. I adoreeee victorias secret!! I'm so jealous of you, you're in miami, and I'm in rainy london AND have to go back to school tomorrow! :(

  2. Hello Gabriele. I didn't like Miami that much. There are prettiest places on the Earth... but i liked the shops although I was not in many stores... I really hope I will go the Mallorce tody, because I need to go to Nars, Mac, F21 or Urban Outfitters! Also I want the Marc by Marc Jacobs iphone case!!!! I need it sooooo badly! I hope that everything will be alright in school and rain is in some ways better than snow! At least if you go to school!



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