iphone case Marc by Marc Jacobs / swimwear Forever 21 / cosmetics MAC

Couple minutes ago I just arrived from Miami and Key West. We spent the whole day at Key West, just in that small city and in Hard Rock Café there.
By the evening we got back to our hotel and we just stopped for cupple of minutes ( we arrived there just 1 hour before the Mall closes!!! ) in the Mall. We went to Nordstrom and I got my MARC by MARC JACOBS iPhone case!!!! Finally!! No, I do not have the iphone yet, but I really love the case and hope my dad will order the phone as soon as it is possible. I wanted the white case, but it was sold out, so I took this black one. I think I like the white more, but I do not mind, that I have the black one, because I wear black everyday and I love the colour. In the store I bought some cosmetics from MAC as well, because in Czech Republic the MAC is soooo expensive, so I got make-up powder and mascara. The last thing I have is from Forever 21 and it is a swim-bra in black. It is classy and I love pieces like this one, so I am really glad to have it!

Tomorrow we leave Fort Lauderdale and we go back to Bradenton, where we will stay another day before we go to the cold country called my mothercountry :( 
Maybe we will stop in Sarasota and just take a walk there and maybe enjoy a little bit of last shopping opportunities!