001. I am wearing a lot of plain black tops like this one. It is a fashion statement you can combinate with everything. That's why I decided to invest in a top from Acne. I ordered this and it was on sale! I hope I can feel the quality!

002. I have tried this skirt at Mango's and it looks really nice on! I had some freebies at Romwe left, so I bought the 
skirt from there! Hopefully it will suit and look nice!

003. What I really like are sweaters like this one. This knit is from Topshop and it is "wet look". I have ordered it for 
the full price but I take as reward for the exams I have written last week.

004. Another thing I had crush on for ages is this YSL lipstick. It looks so nice and I am pretty sure that the lipstick
looks just amazing! I picked the tune nr. 11.

005. Peplum tops look nice and I thought that I should have one in my closet as well. I went for black because it is
 universal. This one on the picture is from Topshop.

006. I like oxfords. I bought these "MAGDA" from Topshop. They were on sale and I was looking for some like these for
ages, so I hope I will like them when they'll arrive!

007. Cross and pearls. Two things I adore. That's why is this Topshop bracelet a must-have for me! I am looking forwards
wearing it with Michael Kors watch I will get this summer in August!!

008. Givenchy Antigona. I must gone crazy when I ordered it. But I love the bag so much! Hopefully it will look nice!