Tuesday, June 19, 2012

frequently asked questions

What is your name?
My name is Barbora.

How old are you?
I was born on June, 11th. So I am 16.

Where do you live?
I was born in Czech Republic, but I study in Germany.

What is your school?
I attend a billingual 6-year school in Germany where I will do my A-level. I will learn here pretty good German and my A-level will be accepted all over the Europe.

Which languages can you speak?
Czech, German, English and a little bit of French

What uni/college do you want to study?
Well, I would love to study fashion, but my parents keep telling me to choose law because it has a bigger future. Let's see, maybe I will study both subjects!

Where do you see yourself in the future?
I would like to take a gap year and improve my English in UK or USA. I want to travel and maybe do some job with my blog if I had an oppurtinity. I want to work in the fashion industry. I always dreamed about becoming a fashion designer but in last months I am thinking about working in Elle or Vogue.

In Key West, Florida

How tall are you?
Something about 172 - 173 cm.

How would you describe your character?
When I am in the bigger group , I am not the loud one. Definitely not. I am a shy and I don't trust people I just meet. It takes me a longer time to accept them and open myself to them. 
Sometimes I act naive, but I try to stay with my feet on the Earth and be realistic. I use irony like a lot.  

What are your hobbies?
I love blogging and taking pictures. I also love drawing or just hanging out with my friends. I love shopping 
and looking at things I can't afford.

What you do love to eat?
I am a half-vegetarian but I eat a lot. I really love sushi or china-food like noodles or their soups. I am a fan of italian food as well because I love pasta or pizzas. I eat salats a lot, in the combination with sea food or fishes that I really love! When it comes to deserts I love macaroons and cakes ( chocolate or fruit ). I love Starbucks and Ladurée!

Do you have a job?
Yes, I blog. It's not a real job I know but I take it as it.

When did you start with blogging?
 In november 2010 I created my tumblr where I posted pictures. I really liked it and I also loved the pictures. 
Then I said to myself why not to try to take my own pictures and create my personal blogspot. I did so in
 February 2011.

Why do you blog?
It is my hobby and I love taking pictures. I just love it and I wanna share with the world!

Do you have a fashion icon?
Not really. I don't get inspired by celebrities or bloggers, I just wear what I like. But there could be one person 
who inspires me - Coco Chanel. She wasn't rich and built such a great brand. I love her classical style.

one of my everyday outfits

How would you describe your style?
Well, that's not easy. My style is a mixture of everything. But I would say that I preffer the simple style, like 
wearing plain tees or skirts. It might look boring but I like that. I also wear a lot of black.

Where do you shop?
Usually I shop at H&M because you can get there good stuff I can afford. Sometimes I shop at Zara or 
Topshop. From the internet sites I shop a lot on www.topshop.com because there are more clothes 
available. I also like www.asos.com!

In your opinion what should every girl have in her closet?
I would say basics like simple white or black tops. A pair of skinny jeans ( blue or black ). Basic denim 
shorts you can combinate with a lot of tops as well. Little black dresses are must-have. You can wear it 
in the day- or nighttime. You should have one pair of simple black heels and some black bag you adore 
( me - Chanel 2.55! )

When did you relize you love fashion?
Honestly, it could be when I was like six. My mom always took me to Prague and we went shopping 
together. She went to the lady-wear and me in the children-wear and always picked my own pieces :)
 It might sound crazy, but I always looked at other people and said to myself: ,,Once, I will look as good 
as you and wear as good clothes as you do!" I always read Elle because my mom buys it!

Who takes the picture you publish on your blog?
Basicly it is me. The outfit posts does my mom :) Sometimes they are taken by my friends.

Which camera do you use?
Nikon D3100

Where have you visited to?
I have visited like three times the US ( Florida ). I have been three times to Mexico, once to Dominican Republic. In Europe I have visited UK, Spain, France, Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Netherlands, Hungary, Italy and Croatia. I have been to Agypt and Turkey as well. And twice to United Arab Emirates!

me in Sea World in Orlando

Which place do you like the most?
I love Paris and New York City. Once we missed our flight so we had to stay in Boston. I fell in love 
with that place!

Which country or city are you going to visit in the near future?
In July I am going to go to Hamburg with my class. Then also in July I will go to Paris with my roommate. 
In August I have planned a trip to Florida. Then in September I am going to go to London with my school. 
My parents were also thinking about flying to Australia or some islands like Bali or Maledives. I would like 
to see it as well!

How can you have so many designer bags?
Well, I save my money like a lot. I attend the school which pays me scholatship, so I can save some money 
from that. Besides I earn some money from my pocket money or from advertising from my blog. Then I get 
some pieces for Christmas or Birthday!

Do you sell your old clothes?
Yes, I do! You can buy at www.fashioninmysoulshop.tumblr.com or on my e-bay account (user: zuzksbarbora!)

Do you have some sponsors on your blog?
Yes, I do. You could see that I cooperate with some internet websites, like Sheinside, Oasap, Romwe or Sheinside!

You are living on boarding house in Germany, right? Do you pay it all by yourself?
No, no. I am a part of "supported" students, so I do not pay anything. Not even the food. I have evrything for free,
 because I was "chosen".

this is how my usual weekend morning looks like



  1. Taky se mi ten článek moc líbí. Ale má ještě jeden dotaz: Nějací sourozenci? :)


    1. Tak to jsem ráda. A ne, sourozenci žádní!

  2. pěkný článek a je super, že studuješ v německu, já jsem zase na intru ve vídni a je to rozhodně lepší než v česku, hlavně to, že se naučíš ten jazyk :))

    1. tak to Ti závidím, že studuješ ve Vídni! To město miluju! :)

  3. Nice Q&A! <3

    *Sheinside giveaway on my blog!*

  4. Love this post!!



  5. greaaaat !


  6. Tak tenhle článek se mi moc líbil :)

  7. Loved reading about you, I like you even more now, you sound so nice and you are very similar to me!


    1. thank you Gabriele! :) it is nice to hear that! :)

  8. mňam! =) to poslední jídlo;)

  9. skvělý článek! studovat v zahraničí musí být paráda! jen mi trošku není jasné, jak ses tam dostala? :-) nějaké stipendium?

    1. díky Mar! Studium se s Čechami nedá srovnat. A dostala jsem se tam pomocí přijímacích zkoušek. Bylo vybráno 15 lidí no a já byla mezi nima. A jinak jsem tady normálně na stipendiu! ( a díky tomu nic nemusím platit )

  10. You were chosen, haha, hezké) Máš štěstí, Baruško, že ve svém věku už jseš tak vzdělaná, co se týče jazyků, procestovala jsi takových zemí, a tak)

  11. Lovely feature!!! & Laduree is delicious! I may be stopping by there in NYC to satifsy my macaron craving this weekend! Love your photos! You're gorgeous, hun! xo, Megs


    1. thank you Megs! :) I am so jealous you can get in NYC! Enjoy it!!

  12. woow, ich verfolge deinen blog schon lang und mag ihn sehr <3
    manchmal habe ich einige deutsche zeitschriften bei dir gesehen, hätte aber nicht gedacht, dass du wirklich deutsch sprichst :D

    ♥ ♥ ♥

  13. ja, und ich kannn in Deutsch auch antworten!

  14. Úžasny článok:)Mna by len zaujimalo v jednej otázke bolo písané o sponzoroch a ty si sa zmienila otom,že ich máš..ako si sa knim dostala?

    1. díky moc :) no, tak nějak mě kontaktovali díky tumblru! :)

  15. skvělý článek :) máš štěstí, že jsi projela už tolik zemí, to Ti fakt závidím :D a hlavně je dobré, že umíš tolik jazků, jsi opravdu šikovná ;)



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