The year has slowly come to an end and I think right now it's the perfect time to look at it and tell you some of my highlights, trips, buys and favourite outfits this year. I know I already said that the last year was the best year of my life, so far, but I have to say that 2016 beat it. I decided to fully focus on my blog and social media career, I traveled like crazy, I purchased some items, which have been on my wishlist, I had the best time with my boyfriend and simply I was happy. So, without further do, I only hope that 2017 is going to be as good as 2016 was. I also wish to all of you Happy New Year 2017. I hope that you spend NYE with your family, closest friends or anyone, who you like to spend company with. I also hope that you'll like my blog as much as you did this year and that it will be still fun! If you have any recommendations for what I could change or there are any topics, in which you'd be interested in, just let me know in the comments. Happy New Year!

Rok 2016 se pomalu blíží ke konci a myslím, že je nejvyšší čas se podívat zpátky na celý rok a zrekapilovat si ho. Minulý rok jsem psala, že rok 2015 pro mě byl tím nejlepším v životě, ale teď musím říct, že 2016 ho jasně překonal. Rozhodla jsem se věnovat naplno tomu, co mě baví, začala spolupráci s mnoha značkami, kterých si vážím - například s Cartier, Chanel, Diorem, Asosem a Rimowou, cestovala, trávila čas s přítelem, byla s rodinou a hlavně si život užívala a byla šťastná. Doufám, že rok 2017 bude alespoň stejně dobrý jako byl tento a to nejen pro mě, ale i pro Vás. Chtěla bych Vám popřát šťastný Nový Rok, hodně štěstí, zdraví a spokojenosti. Doufám, že ho oslavíte s rodinou nebo přáteli a že si to prostě užijete. Tak ještě jednou - šťastný Nový Rok 2017!



Some of my favourite January looks

I started showing you some of my favourite recipes and you seemed to enjoy it! 

I also started wearing more colourful outfits and I started to change my style in more elegant and sophisticated

In January I showed you in this post how I edit my pictures and it was one of the most read posts this year!


Definitely one of my favourite looks this year, worn during Milan Fashion Week!

When in Milan...


... and something I wore in February

I decided to go for something a little different and purchased the Boy bag in off white in Milano!


A favourite, a really eye catching look, from Milan Fashion Week

Another purchase, which I made in Milano. I never thought I would wear this one as much as I did!

Favourite shoot in front of the Duomo

During MFW I had so much faun, took some pictures, which I am proud of and were together with Eva from Glamazon


... and  some of my March looks!

By the end of the month we, me and my better half, went together to Rome


In April I got the opportunity to travel to Mexico and spend a week at the Azul Sensatori by Karisma

In Mexico this was definitely my favourite look!

After coming home I found this baby in my mailbox, ordered from Coltorti


And those were some of my April looks!

At the end of the month me together with parents and my boyfriend went skying to Sölden, which was our first "family" vacation ever! (and yes, we didn't kill each other and it was actually fun)

In April I also purchased this Chloé bag, which unfortunately wasn't the right choice for me.



Some looks, which I wore in May

Definitely one of my favourite pictures and looks this year!

Something new from Luisaviaroma

In the middle of the month me and my boyfriend decided to go to Amsterdam

And this was my favourite look (and picture) from there!

In May I also got this one from Forzieri


In June we went to a roadtrip to the US and started in San Francisco - this was definitely my favourite look from there

From San Francisco we went to Santa Barbara and then spent 4 days in LA

In Los Angeles I decided to buy a pair of nude heels and went for these. Definitely one of my most worn shoes this year! From LA we went to San Diego and from there to ...

...Las Vegas, where I also turned 20 and which was our last stop in the US


And some of June looks!


One of my looks, which I wore in July

We also decided to go to Barcelona with my friend,  where I happened to fly every month after that


And was into white. A lot.


In August I finally got the Chanel espadrilles in white/black, which I wanted for about 2 years. Thank you Vestiaire Collective!

And wore this look, which was one of my favourites in 2016

Then we decided to go to Milano, where I always love coming back!

And from Milano we continued to Nice and Cannes, where we stayed a couple of days. Our hotel 3.15 Cannes was more than amazing.


I wore a lot of white and pink, not only in the French Riviera, but also in Munich and Prague, where I was a lot!

Our final stop was Monte Carlo. We got to stay at the Fairmont Monte Carlo, which was definitely one of the most amazing resorts, where I stayed this year


In September I went to New York, one of my favourite cities! Not only to see the city again, but also t attend the NYFW.

During NYFW I got the chance to go to the Cartier Re-opening at the 5th Avenue and their after-party, which was insane.

During our NYC visit we got to stay at the most insane apartment with the most breathtaking view!

I also got my Carrie Bradshaw moment...

And these Gucci slippers!

Another of my favourite shots from there


Some of my September looks!

And my favourite dress, which I bought there!


In October I went to Paris - another of my favourites cities! Just like in NYC, I re-visited some of my favourite places, but also attended the PFW!

In Paris I decided to treat myself with the Gucci GG Marmont bag...

... and wore this look to the Elie Saab show, which you not only loved, but was also featured in VOGUE, where I was featured for the very first time!

In Paris we got to stay at another amazing apartment, thanks to Fewo.


And from Paris went to Barcelona and this is what I wore.


In November I got this one from Coltorti...

One of my favourite November looks

In November I went to Barcelona, then to Bratislava, and then reunited with Paris...

Amd took there these pictures, that to me, are one of the best ones this year

We got to stay at the Shangri-La Paris, which was a real dream come true!

And I also got my new Chanel bag there, last one in Europe.


And some of my November looks!


In December we went to Dubai...

.... and this was definitely one my favourite looks there!

I got there my Celine Trapeze bag from Brand Connection Paris, which I absolutely adore!

We stayed at the Atlantis, which to me, was also one of the best hotels of 2016!


What I wore in December

And celebrated Christmas at home and went to celebrate NYE to Abu Dhabi... But abut that next year! Let me know how was your year 2016 in the comments and if you have anything, what you would like to accomplish next year!

Happy new year!